Guide to Obtaining Services

The Division has four HCBS (Home and Community Based Service) waivers: Comprehensive, Community Support, Community Partnership for Hope and Missouri Children’s Developmental Disabilities (MOCDD). The Federal government provides 60% of the waiver funding per one dollar spent. The State and/or a Senate Bill 40 provides the remaining 40% match dollars. Find more information on your county SB40 at To access the quick reference guide for understating waivers (click here).

Do I qualify?

Click on the link below to answer some basic questions and determine the requirements necessary to receive services in Missouri.

How is an ISL funded?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Many families want and need services, but don’t feel like they can’t afford services. Ltt us help you gain a better understanding of how funding works.

Eligibility Determination

It is no secret that navigating the State system can be challenging for many. The following tips will help you kick-off the process of determining your eligibility for services. It is with hope that the information to follow will promote a smooth, seamless transition into services.

Obtaining Medicaid

Once you have started the process of eligibility determination, start taking the next steps toward applying for Medicaid. It can be both a tricky, and lengthy process so let our guide assist you.

Questions You Should Ask

To help guide you in your selection process, we have come up with a list of questions that may assist in choosing the provider that’s right for you.